Romantic Birthday Wishes

Ideas for romantic birthday wishes

Is it that time of the year when you start to sweat because you have no idea what to get your partner or how to tell them how much you love them? You are a romantic at heart but have no way of conveying your birthday wishes romantically.

Everyone says actions speak louder than words. Yes for a majority of people that works, but a lot of the time we like to hear these words even though a display of affection does the trick.

Romantic birthday messages can be done with love sayings, songs and even text or sms which come from your heart. If you are not good with words, there are hundreds of greeting cards and e-cards available. You can even order with your own pictures and words on them, making them unique and special.

Why not do something very special for your special someone? Maybe there is something they love to do but doesn’t always get time to do it or something they’ve always wanted to do. Doing something special like this is the most memorable.

Be extravagant. This does not necessarily mean expensive. Let them come home to a romantic dinner with candlelight and a good bottle of wine. A romantic card saying how much they mean to you, will make this evening memorable. You can add in any favorite things your partner loves, their favorite food or movie to end off the evening, showing that you do listen and care about what they like for their special day.

Surprise them with a romantic weekend away or extend their birthday into two days, making them the most important person for those days and attending to their every need. Everyone needs to feel special now and then and one day a year isn’t really enough.

If you are away on business, you can always send romantic wishes using e-cards, loving telephone calls and flowers. Why not take it to a new extreme. Get someone you know to put a birthday banner up across a bridge you know they need to drive under to get to work or hire an airplane to fly past their work with the wishes banner dragging behind it. These gestures will show that you are thinking of them even if you can’t be there to celebrate with them.

Whatever you decide to do to make your partners birthday romantically unforgettable, try and sit down and write your own words about how they make you feel, how you love being with them and what they mean to you. Any message that comes from your heart will be the most romantic wish they ever receive. Cards offer great romantic poems and sayings, but they are not from you. Something only you would say will thrill them with joy on their birthday.

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