Rhyming Birthday Wishes


The following rhyming birthday wishes are short and sweet!

You can add them to a birthday card, send them as a text message, or just simply say it!

Here’s some funny birthday wishes you may share with family and friends.

It might be difficult to fit birthday poems into a text message but these short rhyming wishes are ideal.

It’s your birthday, here’s a wish,
Enjoy your day, with a delicious dish.


If you’re giving chocolates, the next wish is a hint.

A birthday wish I’m sending you,
Your gift is sweet, that’s the clue!

What are two of the most important things we can wish someone? I think happiness and health are right there at the top.

Wishing you joy and health,
When those are filled, add some wealth.

Share these happy b-day wishes. The second one is for the ladies, and it’s funny.

I have just started sending out wishes on birthdays. Mostly by text messaging, because it’s quick and easy. I must say, the feedback I’ve received is really positive.

What if you forgot someones birthday?

Don’t worry! That’s where belated b-day wishes come into play.

A simple wish as you age,
It’s your day, take the stage.

Here are some b-day wishes wording ideas. If you would like to write your own wish.

Do you know any day dreamers? Well, this one is for them.

I wish you everything, your dreams create,
Your imagination is truly great.

The next one is suppose to be funny. If it is or not, well, that’s up to you.

A birthday cake I wish you now,
If you eat it all, you’ll have a cow.

Maybe, you want to send a personalized b-day wish?


What about personalized happy birthday wishes? It’s similar to the previous personalized wishes, except these always include the term “happy birthday”. The choice is yours!


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