Rhyming Birthday Messages

english-happy-birthday-wishes-and-sayings-for-a-friendSharing birthday messages is great way to tell someone in your life that you remembered their birthday.

They also show the person that you care and that they are important to you.

Below you will find some example rhyming birthday messages, that you can add to a birthday card, edit them, and most importantly – Share them.

Message #1

I waited another 365 days, just to say………..HAPPY Birthday!

Message #2

I do care, I did prepare, A cake with Flare!


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Message #3

I hope all your dreams come true, for friends like you, in this world are few.

Message #4

Today’s your day, I just hope you play!

Message #5

It’s your birthday, another year has passed, Through new experiences, we had a blast.

Message #6

Do not worry about your age, at least you get to turn a page.

Share these birthday messages along with the many various birthday poems on this site. I hope you make your loved ones smile!

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