Happy Birthday Phrases

happy-birthday-wishesGetting the perfect birthday phrases to use will just depend on your creativity or imagination and this is normally easier when you have a special relationship between you and the celebrant. This is because you simply put a phrase that describes how you feel about the person or how important the relationship is to you. Birthdays can present a perfect chance for you to reveal some hidden feelings and you can have this chance to get a nice card and put a phrase that will hint to the person what you feel.

Phrases for birthday cards have to be interesting in that you don’t just don’t say the usual ‘happy birthday’ and include your name but find some suitable words to start with before you put these two words. You have to come up with something that the two of you share or find a saying or famous quote to use as long as it is not out of place. A birthday wish is important as it shows the celebrant that you think of him/her.

Most people use birthday phrases that have been used for many years they have even become boring or monotonous. The best thing to do is to just let the BIRTHDAY message give you an idea and personalize it so that it looks unique. A phrase that is customized comes from the heart and looks more sincere to the celebrant than simply copying a phrase from somewhere into the birthday card.

There are many joke phrases that can be used as birthday phrases especially those that joke about the age of the person. These are very good especially when you know the joke will not offend the person in any way. Happy birthday phrases can also express success or victory. For success, this may be the time to remind the person of his/her most important success which should give more reason to celebrate. The success story will form part of your birthday phrase and you could tell it in some few simple words.

Birthdays are occasions where people are supposed to be happy and it wouldn’t be very appropriate when you decide to include a sad quote as part of your phrase. A motivational saying, quote about life or one that inspires is better hence try to avoid sad quotes. There are also sarcastic quotes which may be very disrespectful especially when the person intended for is someone older.

Sometimes you may remember someone’s birthday when it’s already passed but you shouldn’t worry since there are also birthday phrases that are meant for belated birthdays. You will find belated quotes, poems or sayings that are appropriate for your situation and you could still make the person feel appreciated even if you forgot the day. You could try to be as creative as you can or even using something very funny to make the person happy.

If you need to invite people for your birthday party, the birthday invitation phrases is something you have to think of. Make it interesting since your main aim is to make all those invited feel the need to come to the party. Remember your birthday phrase also includes such details as venue, time and dress code for the party if need be.

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