Happy 50th Birthday Poems

50th Birthday Gifts IdeasI made sure these happy 50th birthday poems are more on the funny side. I hope you have a good laugh with the 50 year old in your life.

Halfway There!

Happy birthday, you’re halfway there,
A little tune-up, minor repair.
Avoid dormancy, do what you wish,
For your health, eat plenty of fish.

Happy birthday, you’re halfway there,
Your experiences, repeatedly share.
Hidden messages; lessons learned,
So many chapters, you have turned.

Happy birthday, you’re halfway there,
Try to relax, fight off despair.
Made it to halftime; finish the game,
Underneath that grin, I still see a flame.

By Martin Dejnicki

Did you like that one?

The next poem should be given to a man since it talks about being bald. Just remember to give it to someone with a good sense of humor.
Officially Old

Happy 50th, you are officially old,
Ages ago, you used to be bold.
A little reminder, of a time gone by,
The things you did, most did not try.

You called it brilliant, we knew it was insane,
Nothing deterred you, not even pain.
Courageous, determined, with a single fear,
Regret for not trying; never adhere.

Now you’ve mastered, the art of bald,
Unsuccessfully, nature stalled.
Do not worry, it’s just decay,
Soon we’ll all be, insects prey.

Happy 50th, you are officially old,
Turn around, I see some mold.
Not keeping track, can’t count that high,
Internally youthful; intend to – imply
By Martin Dejnicki

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