Funny birthday wishes

Funny birthday wishes for friends. Make someone smile or laugh, with our wonderful collection of touching birthday wishes for best friend.

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You can make your colleagues, friends, etc. smile on their birthdays by sending them funny messages. They may forget your gifts but may not forget your funny birthday wishes. So why not try some funny birthday wishes which are given here!

A sense of humor may sometimes be difficult to find in a person in this fast paced, stressful life that we have made for ourselves. With mounting pressures and grumpy behaviors on the rise, I have made a compilation of some funny birthday wishes to tickle your fancy. This list of funny sayings will definitely bring a smile to the face of even the most stressed out person. Here’s to a good laugh!

funny birthday wishes:

    • Wisdom has nothing to do with Age. If the Age precedes the Wisdom, then it is a tragedy and if the Wisdom precedes the Age, it is irritating! Wish you to get the accurate amount of wisdom with the right age. Happy Birthday!
    • On your birthday a few words of intelligence: Smile whilst you still possess teeth! Happy Birthday!
    • Don’t you feel the truth that you are getting older when the price of candles is more than your birthday cake!
    • Happy Birthday! But Warning: No sex, today! You require all your energy for blowing out the candles!
    • If anyone calls you old on your birthday then strike him with your stick and hurl him your teeth! Congratulations & Happy Birthday!
  • Could you snuff all candles on your cake or should I seek help of the fire department? Happy Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday, you old man!
  • Why several candles for such a little cake and why not several cakes for a single candle! Happy Birthday!
  • Reduce our candle numbers and increase number of cakes because single cake is not going to fill my stomach! Happy Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday Man! Now you are one year closer to death. Ha! Ha!
  • Wish you all the best, for next 100 years here on this planet! Happy Birthday!
  • Wisdom comes with age. But we don’t see any sign of aging in you! So no need to worry! Celebrate your birtday like a child! No Wine! No Sex!! Just Cake! Happy Birthday!
  • You are so special to me that today more than 4000000 people are celebrating their birthdays but I am wishing just you! Happy Birthday!
  • I wished to offer you something exceptional, magnificent and loving on your birthday! But the problem is that I couldn’t fit on the screen!
  • In fact, I wished to send you something special, extraordinary, exceptional and beautiful for your birthday, but I don’t know how to fit myself into the envelope! Happy Birthday!
  • Don’t you feel that you are going to require a bigger cake to fit all your candles? Happy Birthday!
  • They say that with age comes wisdom. So your wisdom will tell us how old you are! Happy Birthday!
  • Men age like wine, women age like cheese. Happy Birthday!
  • Did you ever try to sit in your fridge and observe what happens? Never try! Just cut your birthday cake & enjoy! Happy Birthday!
  • It is better to be over the ground than under it. Wish you Happy Birthday!

When a person’s birthday roles around, you always want to make sure that you are well prepared. This includes getting them gifts, and most importantly, the birthday wishes. Everyone’s humor is different, but within this site, we have brought together all the many types of sayings that will express anything that you have to say about a person’s birthday.

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