DIY: Last Minute Gift Ideas | Birthday | Christmas | Valentine’s Day

Sometimes you sometimes feel that time is passing, but you do not know that you buy as a gift?

Do not worry, I’m here to help you.

I have for you a few simple homemade gifts, which you can give to your friends and anyone.

They are not only cute, but some more and helpful at all times.

Last Minute Gift Ideas

First, decide how your magnets should look

Then roll smoothly little polymer clay, resting on popsicle sticks

If you are ready, start to cut with a knife, these “talking bubbles.”

can first cut shapes out of paper, put them on clay and circle. If you so easily.

then tweak the form, if it has any irregularities

Now press the two small magnets in clay. If the magnets are large, then one can suffice.

Now remove them and turn clay

Align the surface a little bit and turn the clay again.

I would advise to burn them as follows. With this method, the surface of the “talking bubble” will be more smooth.

Now, let it cool down and start to paint his slate paint.

Complete drying will take a few hours, but for the next step just a few minutes.

When the drawing is dry, you can start painting white pencil following “bubbles” inside.

If you’re ready, you can use acrylic paint on top of the figure.

If the picture is dry, you can glue on the back side of a good adhesive magnets.

Now all it has to dry and the magnet is ready!

All this is very simple and does not necessarily make “bubbles”. You can do any shape!

Good thing it looks beautiful, and you can use it many times.

And if you need a gift for a chocolate lover, it is – a great idea.

For this you will need the homemade popsicle sticks from a little decorative Sprinkles empty cups of yogurt and cookie cutters

And, of course, melted chocolate!

DIY: Last Minute Gift Ideas

For this option, I pour sugar snowflakes on the bottom of the cup add blue sugar crystals and pour on top of the white chocolate.

Then I add a bit on top of blue and white and brown chocolate dusting.

Make sure that the glass is not too full.

And it is on top of everything – blue sugar crystals.

Tereré add popsicle sticks from.

Maybe take a little chill chocolate to stick standing.

Now you can put it on a couple of minutes in the refrigerator.

Such as chocolate popsicle you can make cookie cutters.

The technology is the same!

If you have different varieties of chocolate and a lot of different decorative sugar, then you may be especially creative.

Now everything cool for a few minutes.

And now carefully subtract mold.

To remove the yogurt cup, it is necessary to gently press on the edge, and now you can get a chocolate popsicle.

Because I have left a bit of chocolate, I decided to decorate the chocolate using my tins.

If you want to know how you will give these chocolate popsicle, so I’ll show you how.

3 Place the popsicle’s the way and wrap them transparent wrapping paper.

Now you’ll have a chocolate bouquet or you can wrap a popsicle like this and put it in a special mug.

If you want to give something useful for permanent use here is a “computer” for the countdown – this is what you need.

For this you will need to homemade picture frame millboard

Here I use the cover of my folder and again slate paint.

Now prepare the cardboard frame and remove the heel.

now we need to move it to the cardboard form.

cut it out and make sure that it meets the frame or it needs to be more correct.

When ready, you can start painting on cardboard.

While it dries, it is possible that a draw-in frame.

This is not required, but I wanted it to look like a king, and I dyed frame in a chic gold color.

Code everything is dry, reinsert the cardboard frame and mark the edge of the frame like this on cardboard white pencil.

This-a way to know how much space we can use.

Mark the middle of the board. This will be our guide.

I decided to make this cardboard butterfly, and you draw what you want.

Template I put a piece of paper in half, draw half a butterfly, cut her open and obvozhu.

Now note the space in the middle for the letters.

If you want to make it more exactly, to draw additional lines as I did.

If this is done, you can start to draw the contour of acrylic paint.

For more glamor I gave a little acrylic butterfly gold.

Now, let dry, wipe off the auxiliary line and cardboard – ready!

Now insert the cardboard frame add greater stability to the glass and a rear wall of the frame and “computer” to reverse the account – is ready.

Now you can chastise the remaining time before anything.

Maybe you do not want to forget a birthday or expect something and can not wait.

This is – a reliable way to plan and do not forget important events.

And this table makes it all more fun. Do you agree?

It was you guys, my gifts in haste.

And not just on New Year’s Eve, you can give them on different occasions.

I hope you enjoyed Last Minute Gift Ideas


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