Birthday Wishes – How Did it all Start?

Birthday Wishes

Birthday-wishes-for-your-boyfriend-on-facebookBirthday’s and birthday wishes and other traditions date all the way back into the biblical times. The Roman’s used birthday greetings and wishes as part of the holiday for happiness and celebration. The original idea of the entire holiday was founded through magic. Apparently one was susceptible to either good or evil spirits on this day because they were closer to the spirit world this particular day.

The overall birthday connotations date a ways back and have been associated with either magic, religion or both. The custom is to offer congratulations by offering a gift and lighted candles. In the ancient times this celebration was actually used to ward off demons and to ensure a new prosperous year.

You will find many contradictory meanings of birthday and birthday wishes as you search for the true origin since it was based on magic, and religion and differing views and methodologies of the ancient people. Whichever meaning you associate with really depends on where your roots are and what religion or tradition you follow.

Birthday Wishes & Messages Are Traditions!

Birthday wishes and other traditions have been passed down through your family for centuries and you have grown accustom to them with very little thought or effort. Much of the meaning is still the same today as we wish those who we care about a happy birthday and may this year be better than the last. We are congratulating a birthday celebration and hoping for a prosperous year for the individual.

Celebrating with a cake and other traditional new era norms have likely evolved from other offerings in the past. Do you still tease little kids when telling them happy birthday and giving them a “pinch to grow an inch?” This has some meaning in that you are wishing that they grow and develop and are healthy well into the next year of their life.

Birthday wishes, quotes and other messages are just symbolic through expression. Whether it’s some form of sign language, writing or verbal message it has its traces all the way back to the origin of the celebration of the birthday. A birthday is rooted around the calendar year which has differed at times throughout history however now every 365 days (granted you’re not a leap year baby) you will celebrate becoming one year older and receive lots of birthday wishes from all of your friend and family as you pass the tradition down to your kids too!


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