17th Birthday Wishes – Happy 17th birthday

17th birthday wishes

Happy 17th birthday baby, can’t wait to see u soon. I love you so much! You’re beyond talented and I love & miss you so much!

Cousins are those childhood playmates that grow up to be forever friends. Happy 17th birthday

Happy 17th birthday…

to my daughter! You have always been one of a kind. Love you baby!

to the mermaid of all mermaids.

to one of my most Fav girls evaa.. Hope u have the best day & love you.

to my besto, love u tons n I hope u have the bestest day, see u soon.

to the sweetest girl I know !! hope you have a wonderful 17th birthday.

to some weirdo I call my bestfriend.

TO MY BEST FRIEND SINCE … GRADE! You da bomb. Hope your day was awesome

to this weirdo who also happens to be one of my best friends. Love you so much

to one of my favorite humans. love you ann have the bestest 17th birfday

to you beautiful , I miss you, continue being the beautiful young lady you are..enjoy

have a blast and enjoy your day.

thank you for being my best friend for so much years. I love you so much.

to my besty & the one who has been by my side literally since the day I was born ❣I love u

to one of my besties for the restie, my girl, my cheetah sista

to my girl! I’m glad I get to experience it with you. Enjoy your day.

to my bestest friend/boyfriend❤️ have such an amazing day babe, I love you

to not only my best friend but my boyfriend❤️ so blessed that your mine?❤️ hope you have the best 17th birthday??I love you

to my brother! Thanks for being such a real friend and someone I can always count on.

to our precious daughter. You are growing up too fast! We hope you have a great day! We love you.

Happy 17th birthday. love having you as a neighbor but more importantly I love you!!! Hope you have the best day!!

Sometimes you annoy me but i know youre always there for me and i love you, have a wonderful 17th

Happy 17th birthday

to my gorgeous, smart, talented baby girl. Never let anything ever dim your shine.

to my baby sister✨???? lord knows u get on my NERVES but yk how we rocking babygirl


to my amazingly cute boyfriend. I’m extremely blessed . Hope you have a great day

to my bestfriend of years ! I love u more than anything in this world and miss u bunches

to my bestie thank you for putting up w my brattiness, shenanigans, and attitudes ! you a real one

to my little treasure , I love you with all my heart.

to the baddest B out here. I love you and I’m so thankful to have a bestfriend like you

to a person who truly deserves the best.
May all of your life be richly full of meaning and success.
May your sky be full of color and your grass forever green.
And may your every load of laundry come out fresh and clean.

There are so many options ahead to choose
You’ll find success no matter what you do
So go ahead and give it all you’ve got
Remember we’ll always love you a lot
And this is what we’re sending your way

When you smile, it looks like sun is shinning more. When you are sad, it looks like dark everywhere. So I want to see you smiling forever. Keep smiling to make my day bright. Happy Birthday Sweetie.

The teenager years have been filled with new journeys and trials.
And soon, the road ahead of you will be filled with many miles.
On this day, in celebration of your birth,
we’d like to remind you of how much you are worth.

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