Beach Birthday Party Ideas

Beach Party Ideas for A Fun in the Summertime BEACH BIRTHDAY PARTY BASH! It’s best to throw your beach theme party around summertime or on a hot sunny day.

Sip on lemon-aid or mixed fruity drinks. While talking and dancing by the waves. Bring your small hibachi grill to the beach or have A beach bonfire to celebrate.

If not then choose a nice park with large grassy picnic areas. Or create your own beach setting at home with inviting

If you love to be around sand and water this is the perfect party theme for you. Summertime rolls around only once per year and so does your birthday .

Celebrate your special time with a beach extravaganza! Put on your flip flops and swimwear. Get your invitations out. Cause time to party! You don’t necessarily have to throw your beach party at the beach. It can also be done in your very own home.

With a little decorative touches and beach party gear you’ll be at your very own beach island in no time. First thing you need is invitations.

Beach Party Ideas for Invitations

Below are beach party ideas you can use to make your own cheap beach party invitations. Get creative with this summer theme. By delivering fresh styled handmade invitations created by you!

Message in a Bottle Invitations Very simple to make. Use glass beer bottles or buy a case of bottled water. You can drink or empty all the water bottles into gallon containers for later use.

Make sure they are dry inside. Collect some sand from the beach or make colored salt with chalk. Create color sand by rubbing poured regular salt with any color chalk in a container. Pour some in the bottle.

Write your party details on cut pieces of brown paper bags. Roll up the paper invite and place them into the bottles and close with the cap or stuff the opening with a cork.

Print out your own labels and glue them or order them custom made. Then wrap them around the bottles.

Flip Flop Invitations Make your own flip flop slipper invites. Simply take some card stock paper and cut it out in the shape of a flip flop. You can use one of your very own slippers to trace the shape.

Cut it out and punch a hole in the upper middle, left, and right side. Thread a pipe cleaner or ribbon through the holes. Then twist tie the remaining at the bottom.

Write the event information in the center of the flip flop invite. Place it in a envelope and mail or hand deliver.

Beach Ball Invitations Purchase some cheap beach balls. You can find them at the 99 cent or dollar stores. Pull out a permanent marker.

Write all of the event details such as time, place, date, etc. Make sure your writing is dry. Fold your deflated beach ball up and mail to guests or hand deliver them.

Beach Photo Postcards Grab up a collection of various beach themed postcards. Write a nice introduction and your party details on the back. Mail them off to your friends and they’ll love them.


Beach Party Ideas for Decorations

Colorful, Bright, and floral designs are best to create and eye catching beach theme party atmosphere. Decorate in style with affordable in theme

beach party ideas

Table Decorations Spruce up your party tables, and buffet tables.

Use mini blown up beach balls and raffia as table skirts.

Place a decorative floral or a bright colored table cloth to cover all tables. Ideal colors for tables are bright blue, pink, orange, yellow, and green.

Place fresh fruit around the tables. Use mango’s, bananas, kiwi, pineapples, and coconuts.


Create a Centerpiece To make your own place fresh fruit in a large vase, basket, or bowl. Place in the middle of the table.

Cupcake Centerpiece Bake up some cupcakes decorate them and stick mini parasol toothpick inside them. Place them on a beach theme decorated cupcake stand. Then place it in the middle of the party table.

Outside Beach Decor Decorate with raffia umbrellas. Place them in many spots around your yard or at the park.

Twist colorful streamers together and hang them up around the table areas. Hang birthday banners near the entrance with beach balls and palm trees.

Place synthetic flowers around outside and tiki torches along pathways and open areas.


Beach Party Ideas for Games

Play these party games during your party for your guests. Give prizes to the winners to make the competition of the game more exciting.

Funny Relay Dress up Guests will have fun getting dressed and looking cooky. Let’s get ready to go banana’s!

Items you need: 2 hats, 2 pair of large sized pants, 2 pair of large sized shoes, 2 suit cases or large bags, 2 pair of sunglasses, 2 wigs are optional, 2 large t-shirts, lipstick.

How to Play: Place tape down to mark a start and finish line outside 15 feet apart. 2 people at a time can play. The first person to put on all their crazy clothing and race to the finish line wins.

Banana Ball Race Swing your banana string and ball to the finish line.

Items you need: Long string, banana’s, ping pong balls, marked start/finish line about 15 to 20 feet apart.

How to Play: Tie a string around your guests waist. Tie a banana onto the other half of the string. Make sure the string is long enough for the banana to slightly touch the ground.

Guests will play by hitting the ping pong ball with the banana that’s hooked on their waist. Players cannot use their hands. The first to push the ball to the finish line wins the prize.

Water Ball Volley Blast Try not to get wet! During the water toss. Keep it smooth and steady.

Items you need: Water balloons, two sheets or blankets, volleyball net, and two b teams of 4 or more.

How to Play: Each team will use one blanket or sheet for the launch. Each player must hold a corner of the blanket. When the first balloon is launched. The receiving team must catch the water balloon using their blanket.

If they catch the balloon without bursting it. The team receives 1 point. If not then the next balloon is launched over to the other team. They have to catch it without breaking it. The teams launch back and forth. The game continues like this until one team reaches 10 points and wins.


Beach Party Ideas for Food


Cheese Cubes
Deviled Eggs
Olive and Cheese Toothpicks
Stuffed Celery with Cream Cheese
Potato Chips and Dip
Fruit Tray
Candy Bowls


Fill up a small child’s pool with soda pop cans, beer cans or bottles, and water bottles. Throw some ice over the cans and bottles to keep them cool in the pool.

Make Smoothies
Make Cocktails

Main Dishes

Barbecue Fire up the grill. Cook up some burgers, hot dogs, sausages, ribs, chicken, and veggies. This is the simplest way to cook food for lots of guests.

Potato Salad Peel and boil some potatoes. Add mayo, mustard, relish, seasonings, and onion to your hot potatoes and toss your salad until mixed. Or pick a potato salad bucket up at the grocery store to save you the trouble of making it.

Baked Beans Grab some cans of bushes baked beans on a can. Cook some ground beef and drain the oil. Cook your beans then add the meat. Season to taste and serve.

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