55th Birthday Wishes

Congratulation to your 55th birthday. I wish you all the luck of the world, healthiness, success and good friends.

A little bird told me you’re 55 now.
I just had to send you this card to say, “Wow!”

If you have enough breath to blow out all the candles on your birthday cake you are not really old yet. All the best wishes for your 55th birthday

Fifty-five reasons to celebrate you.
Fifty-five more awesome things yet to do.
Fifty-five people who think that you’re tops.
Fifty-five years! Hope the fun never stops!

Fifty-five is a happy age, so be sure to wear a grin.
A year of lovely memories is waiting to begin!

Funny Birthday Wishes 55 Year Old Man

Happy 55th birthday, man, you still have so much going for you
You still have most of your hair and some of your teeth, too
You are aging well in spite of what the mirror may say
Hold your head up high as you celebrate anyway

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