50th Birthday Gifts Ideas

50th Birthday Gifts IdeasBy any measure, a 50th birthday represents a milestone in an individual’s life. While 50th birthday gifts can be a chance to splurge on a special 50-year-old by giving them classic gold jewelry or 50 experiences; inexpensive gifts, such as 50 memories or flowers, can be among the most treasured presents received.
Shower of 50 Gifts
Give the recipient a small gift for each of the 50 days leading up to his 50th birthday; select small thoughtful items such as a new book by his favorite author, a bar of chocolate, a small candle or even a bottle of his preferred soda.
50 Items in Packs of 50
Wrap a selection of 50 items grouped into collections of 50, such as 50 pencils or pens, 50 thumbtacks, 50 envelopes, 50 sheets of stationery, 50 candles, 50 cookies, 50 jelly beans or even a pack of 50 Legos or marbles for the young at heart. For the best results, stick primarily with items that can be used (or eaten) by the individual rather than giving her too many useless knick-knacks. This can be a fun project for a group of people to put together for an individual’s birthday.
Fifties Music
Give a music lover a selection of music from the 1950s. Include favorites by artists such as Elvis Presley, Nat King Cole, Rosemary Clooney and other notable musicians of that time period.
Classic gifts for a 50th birthday include a watch for men and bracelets or earrings for a woman. Consider giving a gift made out of gold because many people refer to the 50’s as the “golden years.”
50 Experiences
Create a coupon book of 50 experiences you want to give the birthday recipient during their 50th year. Depending upon your relationship to the recipient, these experiences might include romance (dinner on the beach), adventure (a sky diving session) or pampering (spa day).
Send a woman celebrating this milestone birthday 50 flowers for a striking and dramatic birthday tribute. While many people traditionally send red roses, you could also consider tulips or another flower favored by the recipient.
50 Memories Canister
Decorate an empty canister by gluing photos, newspaper clippings or other items onto it. Tear a sheet or two of paper into 50 small strips. On each strip of paper, write a favorite memory of the birthday man or woman. This inexpensive gift will surely bring a smile to the recipient’s face and serve as a concrete reminder of his importance in your life.
$50 to Charity
If you suspect that the birthday person might not want any type of tangible gifts, donate $50 to the individual’s favorite charity and encourage other friends or family members to do the same. These contributions can add up to a sizable donation by the end of the party or celebration.

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