Happy 19th birthday WISHES

19th birthday wishesFunny 19th happy birthday wishes for your friend, daughter, son, or your loved one.

19th birthday wishes

I would like to wish the bestest friend ever a very happy 19th birthday today! My life would def suck w/out you. Ily babe❤️

HAPPY 19th Birthday

for begging the best biggest sister?ever I love you?

miss you tons ?❤️ hope you have a great birthday love you?

So happy to have spent so many years with you and going to spend so many more? I love you?

To this sweet girl, hope you have a wonderful birthday & many more to come ☺️??

Brotha hope it’s a good one! Don’t party to hard, see ya, love ya!


To my favorite person? I hope you enjoy your day! Stop growing up? love you so much

You better get your party pants ready for tomorrow ?

I hope it’s as wonderful as you and I hope all ur wishes come true. I love and miss you lots ??

…to my bestfriend!!! I hope you have an awesome 19th

…to our wonderful sister!?so happy you’re part of our chapter, hope you had the best day!???

happy birthday gorgeous, love you so much & hope your 19th year is the best so far. ?

to this gorgeous girl I am so blessed to call mine. I’m so in love with you baby

…miss all the crazy college adventures & you! Hope you had a great bday???

…to my right hand, my go to, my ride or die, my brother.??????

…to my birthday buddy. Love you so much. Never stop laughing ?

…to one of the loveliest human beans i know

…to my crazy brother❤️ it was so nice seeing you today, love you lots

…to this gem, hope you have the best day ever! See you soon beauty. Love you

…to my favorite person☺️?? love you lots, see you soon?

…to one of my closest friend! I love you sooo much & I can’t wait to see u

…to the love of my life and the biggest dafty. thanks for being so amazing ?

…to my perfectly amazing boyfriend, you are such a blessing to me, I love you happy 19th?

gotta hit all the social media lol love you hope you have a great one ❤️?

I’m so thankful to call you my best friend. Can’t wait to make more memories with you ?

Miles away and we still manage to keep in touch. Happy 19th birthday to this beauty ? miss you so mucH

Hope you have an amazing day!??? Thanks for always being there for me!

…to the most amazing person and girlfriend I could ever ask for. Thank you…

Hope our happy girl has a very happy day. Love and miss you so much!

…to the bestest friend in the ? I love you and hope you have a great day? see ya this weekend❤️?

I hope you have a good 19th year and you enjoy your day! love you??

…to my bestest friend and forever roomie!

…TO THE BESTEST FRIEND I COULD EVER ASK FOR?? love you babe and I hope you have a great 19th?

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