Happy 14th birthday Wishes

14th birthday wishesHappy 14th birthday

…to my favorite and only little brother!! I love you to pieces you little ? ?

…to my girl!? I love you and hope your 14th is a great one❤️

…our pretty baby girl! Enjoy your 14th year baby. Stay gorgeous & humble. We’re always here for you?

…to my BEST FRIEND FOREVER ,thanks for always sticking by my side, love you lots??

…to my baby boy ❤️

…to this young lady! I am so thankful that God has allowed me to be a part of.

…to this beautiful girl! So blessed to call her my sister❤️

…to my beautiful daughter. I can still remember the day you were born..

…to my best friend and favorite sister! love you lots ?

…to the love of my life, the boy that made me A momma ❤️ I love you more than words can say!

…to my not so little sisters ? I love you two so much??

…to my gorgeous son, despite all the challenges, I would never change you for the World, you are my baby boy 🙂

…to the most amazing brother in the world?I can’t believe how grown up you are & I can’t wait to see all of the great things that you will achieve!! Love you!!!?

…to one of my favorite people❤️❤️❤️ you’re getting so old!

…to my two amazing sisters that I love with all my heart!

…to my little sister, I hope you have the best day ever!! I love you lots!

…to the ugliest catfish rat on this earth. I hate u.

…to my oldest nephew! I can’t believe how fast you’re growing up. I am one lucky Auntie!

…to my fave brats?? thankful ur my built in best friends. I learn more & more from you each day?

Happy 14th birthday ass-hat. I don’t say it a lot but your pretty cool for a younger sister,.

Love and miss you and your cute/craziness ❤️ make today one for the books little sis

Wishing my oldest son a Happy 14th Birthday today!! Love you son!!

Happy birthday to the best sister anyone could ask for❤️I love you and I hope oh have a great 14th birthday?

It’s been pretty great growing up w/ you and I love you so much?

Sending lots of birthday wishes & love to my baby sis from miles away.

Time flies. She’s all grown up now. You’ll always be my little baby. Happy 14th Birthday my baby sis❤️

More blessings to come. We are always here to support you. ?

May your 14th yr be even more awesome than the last!

14th year in a row of you hitting me❤️ I feel so blessed

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