Birthday Wishes

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With the world of technology taking out how people communicate with one another, trying to come up with the words to express how you feel in writing is nearly impossible. Emails, texting, video chatting, and phone calls have overcome our ability to express our feelings through the written word. Because of our technology-based world of communication, knowing what to write in a birthday card is extremely difficult for many people. Knowing how to write and what to write for any occasion is a much needed lesson as people are happy and content with a simple “Happy Birthday” text or post on their Facebook wall. Here are some tips on how to put your words, your sayings into written form when writing a card.


Funny Birthday Wishes

Find the perfect wish for the person you want to extend messages

The first thing that you must do is find the perfect wishes for the person you want to extend messages to. Look for a card that best fits their personal style both in design and in words. If the person is a fun, outgoing person getting a card that is more along the lines of adult humor may be a great choice. If it is your spouse, think about some of the things he or she enjoys if you want to go the more informal route. If you want to go the romantic route, choose one that has an elegant yet modern design with wording that represents best how you feel about him or her. If you cannot find a card that fits the person’s style or wording that sounds appropriate for the occasion, you can always make your own card or find a blank card and write your own saying. When the cover of the card fits the person perfectly, finding the words to write inside the card will not be difficult.

Birthday wishes for a friend

What he or she means to you

Before you sit down to write, ask yourself some questions about the person, what he or she means to you, what is the style of writing you want to go for (formal, informal, humorous), and make an outline of different things you could say about the person. These can easily turn into a paragraph that could be written inside the card. Be aware of what your answers to those questions are and how they relate to the person directly.

People want to feel special on his or her birthday

People want to feel special on his or her birthday. Most of the time words just don’t cut it. Adding little drawings or doodles such as balloons, smiley faces, characters, or any other type of little doodle that fits the words you are writing in the card may be just enough to put an extra big smile on the recipient’s face. Even the quirkiest or silliest of drawings is appreciated and the great thing is you don’t have to be an artist to do this. Pictures that aren’t perfect may be a great anecdote to make the person laugh and appreciate your efforts to make them smile on his or her birthday more.

Happy Belated Birthday

Take the time and personalize a birthday card

When writing, avoid writing in a formal tone. Make the words friendly and personal rather than just a quick “hello. Hope you have a great birthday.” If you are taking the time to sit down and personalize a birthday card, show your personality in the words that you write and don’t make it formal. If you are going to write formal words then there is no need to think of anything to write and you can just go with a basic card with a short paragraph extending messages.

Keep it short

One of the most important things to remember when thinking about what to write in a card is to keep the wording short and to the point while still adding flare and a spiciness to the card. Rambling about things that don’t pertain to the person or that doesn’t reflect who you are and the relationship you have with the other person isn’t necessary; chances are that person will just simply say “thank you for the card and the kind words” and then toss it in the trash.

Another thing to keep in mind is that cards don’t have to have a lot of wording to express how you feel about the other person. They can contain simple, one line messages that STILL manage to get your point across. Some people do prefer to come up with more artistic wording for their greetings which is good. Remember that whatever you decide to write inside the birthday card, make sure your words show emotion, sincerity, and a sense of humor. Another thing to keep in mind is to keep the words positive and creative. Be honest in the words you choose to write and make sure that they are connected to the person and your relationship with that person.

Jot down some of your own ideas

When starting your message, you can simply begin by writing “Happy Birthday my dearest (name of the person)” and then begin getting into the “meat” of your message. This is a traditional way to start any greeting card message and one that will more often than not capture the other person’s attention. Before writing anything on the card itself, jot down some of your own ideas on how you want to start your message, famous quotes, short anecdotes, and your own personal feelings. Write the message how you normally speak so it is more personalized and your personality clearly shines through. If you choose to write a famous quote or famous statement, make sure you choose it very carefully. Choose a quote that best fits the overall tone of your messages and to the person that you are writing the card for.

Happy Birthday poems

Adding a poem to the card is another great way to add a bit of glitter and flare. Coming up with your own words, whether they are romantic, emotional, fun, silly, or cute, is a great way to add a personalized touch to your card. Since knowing what to write in a card is difficult enough, it is completely acceptable to find a poem written by someone else and write that in the card as long as it has some type of connection to the theme of the card and the person you are giving the card to.

When figuring out what to write in a card, the most important thing to remember is that being yourself through the written word to express your feelings about a person is the one thing that will guarantee a smile on the other person’s face. Be sincere and creative in the words you choose. These are your words that you are using to express your feelings for the other person and those words are so much more powerful than any gift you could give that person.